Are you experiencing severe tooth pain without relief? Several different situations can lead to severe tooth pain, including injury or infection. A deep infection can ultimately affect the root canal, which is located on the inside of the individual tooth. When this happens, a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth, stop the spread of infection, and cease the pain. Our team at Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry provide high quality root canal treatments that ease our patients emotionally and physically. What is involved in a root canal treatment and when are they needed? Keep on reading on to learn more about root canals in the Clearwater, FL area near you.


An actual root canal is the inside chambers of each of your teeth. The nerves, vessels, and overall ‘pulp’ are located inside each canal. However, when bacteria enters the pulp, infection can occur. This can prove to be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, our team encourages a root canal treatment to totally clean out the inside of the tooth.


If you are in need of a root canal treatment, then your dentist will begin the process by taking x-rays of your teeth and the affected area. This will help them to visualize what is beneath the surface. They will provide you with the needed anesthetics to numb the area and allow you to be relaxed and comfortable. After the medications kick in, the procedure can begin. Initially, your dentist will focus on creating a small opening and then disinfecting the inside chambers of the canal. After all the decay is removed, they will polish up the area and top it off with a final restoration. This is used to strengthen and ensure the protection of the tooth. Dental crowns are a common restoration option in the Clearwater area after a root canal treatment.

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