Missing teeth can be inconvenient as they can hinder your ability to eat and speak, but they can also affect your facial structure – since the jaw is lacking teeth to maintain its shape, it can start to change. Dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth, whether you are missing several in a line or all of your teeth. You can find this option at Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry in Clearwater, FL to restore the appearance and function of your smile.


Dentures are prosthetic teeth that are set on a gum-colored base to be worn over the gums. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth have been lost (or extracted) and partials used when some natural teeth remain.


These dentures, which replace a complete set of teeth, are available in two types: conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures provide a better fit as they are custom-made to fit the gums. They are not measured for the mouth until all the teeth are gone from the mouth and the gum tissue has had time to heal. After about eight to 12 months after the teeth have been removed, the dentures will be ready to wear.

Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are made before the teeth are removed, so they are ready to be positioned as soon as the teeth are extracted. This can be more convenient, as there will be no period of time in which you are completely without teeth, but the dentures will need more adjustments to achieve a better fit. At Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry, we recommend that immediate dentures be used more as a temporary solution while waiting for conventional dentures to be completed rather than the final treatment.


Partial dentures are not worn directly on the gums but instead rely on a metal framework that is connected to the pink or gum-colored plastic base that holds them in place. They are used when there are some healthy and usable teeth remaining in the mouth, as dentists prefer not to extract healthy teeth. They are still effective at restoring functionality to a smile as well as appearances and can prevent the remaining teeth from changing position along the gum line.

Both complete and partial dentures are removable and require regular maintenance to remain in good condition and to ensure good oral health. They should be taken out daily to be cleaned and stored in a liquid overnight to prevent them from drying out.

For an effective teeth replacement solution in Clearwater, FL, make an appointment at Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry.

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