Fillings have been around for hundreds of years, and each year technology has improved, and so have the options for patients. Amalgam used to be the material regularly used for fillings, but the metals in these fillings often result in black spots in teeth where cavities and decay have been removed. Metal-free fillings allow patients to get decay removed and teeth repaired without harmful and darkening materials.

Metal fillings contain several harmful elements that can harm patients and cause their overall health to decline. They can also emit electrical currents and are not effective at supporting teeth or stopping tooth decay. These reasons, and several others, are why metal-free fillings are growing in popularity. Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry only uses metal-free materials for fillings and other dental treatments in our Clearwater, FL dental office.


Metal-free fillings are composite resin materials that look similar in color to natural teeth. They protect against decay and strengthen teeth by supporting them. They are used after decay has been removed from the affected tooth.

A gel is used to roughen the surface of the tooth so that the composite material can stick to it. A bonding agent is also applied, and once the surface is rough is enough the composite resin is applied to the tooth in layers. It is molded into shape by your dentist and then cured with a UV light. Once that is complete, the tooth is trimmed and polished, and your mouth will be rinsed.

Composite resins are a great option if patients want to repair a tooth and leave no visible trace of repair. Metal-free fillings blend in with teeth and do not darken as amalgam and other metal-filled materials do. They are also cost-effective and last much longer than traditional fillings. Teeth will be stronger and gain protection from tooth decay with composite resin fillings.

Tooth decay can be prevented by visiting Dr. Soni biannually for dental exams and cleanings. Your oral health should be assessed at least twice a year to prevent tooth decay and check older fillings to make sure they do not need to be replaced. Call our office and schedule an appointment today.

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