Guided dental implants allow dentists to place implants virtually before placing them in an actual patient. This technology makes sure that the placement of the implant is in the safest and most efficient spot. Dentists can predict just how much space in the mouth is needed for crowns and other structural enhancements.

A comprehensive examination must be performed by a dentist to determine exactly what type of dental implant is needed for your treatment. In some cases, a virtual procedure may show that the best treatment course involves removable appliances. Drills and other equipment may be too large for certain patients, so it is important to evaluate the options so that the procedure can be done efficiently, and the patient does not experience discomfort.

Increased Safety

Guided implants increase the safety of patients by allowing surgery to be assessed thoroughly through 2D and 3D models and representation. Being able to simulate dental procedures and base techniques off of the methods shown to work best for the patient is much safer than relying only on what the eye can see.

These images allow dentists in Clearwater, FL to see nerves inside the gums, the placement of bone, and other components of the mouth and estimate exactly where an implant should go. Precise measurements are taken to make sure the implant will be accessible, and that enough bone is present. This information is crucial to surgery and makes it much safer when implanting posts into patients and designing their treatment plans.

Predictable Results

Another benefit of guided implants is the knowledge of how the implant will affect a patient’s overall health. A lot of factors go into how successful an implant will be, so it is important to Dr. Soni and every other member of Soni Smiles to make sure the end result is exactly what the patient desires. Without guidance from 3D models and other advanced technology, it would be more difficult to make sure the results of tooth restoration and implantation are in line with your expectations.

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