Restoring the mouth involves rebuilding the teeth on both the lower and the upper jaws. Both general or restorative dentists can perform restorations, and specialists can be used to make sure precise jobs are done as accurately as possible. Dr. Soni at Soni Smiles is skilled at performing several types of mouth restoration so that your smile can be as beautiful as it once was. Our dental office in Clearwater, FL can perform advanced treatments to make teeth look brand-new and function as if they are real teeth.

Reasons for Full Restoration

Teeth can need restoration for multiple reasons. Full mouth restoration can be used for patients experiencing:

  • Excessive tooth loss due to trauma or decay
  • Injuries to teeth or fractures that cannot be repaired
  • Erosion due to acid or grinding that results in wear and tear on teeth
  • Bite alignment issues that cause complaints of headaches, jaw pain, or muscle pain

Dr. Soni will examine your teeth to determine how healthy they are. Treatment may be needed for other dental issues, such as periodontal disease, before restoration can begin. Photographs will be taken of your mouth, face, and teeth. X-rays of your teeth will also be needed, along with bite impressions of both the lower and upper teeth. A plan will then be developed for your restoration procedure.

Your dental team will determine what materials are needed for the reconstruction of your teeth. If you have other dental issues that need treatment, those will be addressed. Some of these procedures may be involved in reconstructing your smile:

  • Crown lengthening so that tooth structure can be exposed
  • Repositioning of the jaw, or orthognathic surgery
  • Reduction of teeth so that veneers, crowns, or bridges can be securely placed
  • Contouring tissue of the gums
  • Dental implant placements

Your Florida dentist will go over the plan step-by-step so that you know exactly what is going to happen with your mouth. You can ask as many questions as you like, your dentist will answer each one so that you are fully aware of how things work. You can also get a detailed written overview of the procedure to study and make sure you understand it.

Other Services

We care about your smile and it's looks. We are located just a little away from you and providing general, family & cosmetic dentistry appointments surrounding the area of Clearwater:

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