Your Oral Health Should Remain a Priority Even during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your Oral Health Should Remain a Priority Even during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jul 01, 2020

Your oral health will not be high on your mind at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is overwhelming everything. With over a million Americans affected by Covid-19 and 100,000 fatalities, it would be natural for you to believe the end of the world is not far away. It may encourage you to indulge in some habits to avoid to maintain dental health only to heap upon yourself unwanted miseries.

Why Must Oral Health Be Prioritized during This Pandemic?

As Covid-19 began spreading in the United States, the advice was provided by the American Dental Association on March 16, 2022, to dental offices to limit their operations only for emergency procedures. States like New York have even prohibited dentists from providing routine services like exams, cleanings, and fillings.

The advice of the ADA accomplishes three objectives. They are to preserve the nation-wide supply of PPE’s for the front line warriors battling the pandemic, preventing the spread of the virus by congregating in dental offices, and eliminating the need for dental emergency patients from rushing to emergency rooms that are concentrating on fighting Covid-19.

Dentists’ offices have shut down for routine procedures during the outbreak of this pandemic. Dental professionals are urging people to brush two times a day, floss daily, and keep their toothbrush clean to take care of their teeth. The figures of the coronavirus pandemic may overwhelm people reading them to forget how managing oral habits is something they cannot ignore. However, people must remember that the epidemic will be booted out sooner or later, but their oral health will stand them in good stead and must, therefore, make every effort to prioritize it.

Managing Oral Habits Properly

Following the advice provided by the dentists is the best way to manage oral habits effectively. Maintaining a daily routine of brushing and flossing can prevent decay and accomplish the objective of controlling plaque. People concerned about their brushing technique can make a switch to an electric toothbrush and use it for two minutes when brushing. It is crucial to maintain the highest levels of oral hygiene at a time when people are unable to visit the dentist or hygienist for examinations and cleanings.

The buildup of plaque can be controlled by using a non-alcoholic mouthwash twice a day. The dentist in Clearwater, FL, is recommending the use of fluoride-based toothpaste.

Your Diet Is Crucial for Your Oral Health

Trying to manage healthy oral habits without keeping a close eye on the diet, people have can prove detrimental states Soni Smiles General & Implant Dentistry. The stress and boredom associated with self-quarantine can encourage people to have starchy foods and beverages, leading to acids developing in their mouths and dissolving the tooth surfaces. Some dentists are recommending non-processed foods to protect oral health.

It may be difficult for people to resist unhealthy habits when managing stressful conditions. However, people must not overindulge in smoking, consuming alcohol, or chewing on fingernails, ice, pens, or pencils as a method of stress management because it can leave them with chipped or cracked teeth.

Actions People Should Take If Covid-19 Is Present around Them

People with family members affected by the coronavirus must disinfect their toothbrush every time it is used and keep it in hygienic conditions. Coronavirus is not just present in droplets exhaled by the affected individual and is also present in fecal matter. It is a common habit with most people to leave toothbrushes and other toiletries close to commodes. Care must be taken by people to ensure their brushes, tongue cleaners, and floss picks are all covered or soaked in a mixture of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide to keep them safe. Flushing the commode with the lid closed is also suggested.

How to Manage Oral Care during the Pandemic Effectively?

Dentists are still available to offer advice during the pandemic despite being asked to refrain from providing personal services by the ADA as well as the CDC. They are always available to advise people on how any dental issue can be managed. They are increasingly turning to telemedicine to counsel patients via telephone or videoconferencing. People managing their oral health appropriately by adopting the best practices suggested by the dentist can easily manage minor dental problems with over-the-counter medications. Dentists can be contacted for dental emergencies of any kind, knowing full well that only the most urgent issues are likely to be examined by the dentist, with the rest receiving advice on how to manage them in the best way possible.

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