Why is Tooth Extraction Required?

Why is Tooth Extraction Required?

Jan 01, 2023

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth removal is pulling a tooth from its socket. It is necessary when a tooth is severely decayed or damaged beyond repair and must be removed to prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth.

A dentist near you will perform simple or surgical extractions depending on the visibility of the tooth. Simple tooth extractions are performed on visible teeth, such as the front teeth. Surgical tooth extractions are usually performed on impacted teeth beneath the gums.

Who Should Get a Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons why your dentist in 33756 may recommend teeth extractions.

    • Severe dental decay and infections

Tooth extraction is a common procedure for treating severe dental decay and infections. Dental decay, also known as caries, is the most common reason for extraction. It’s caused by plaque forming on your teeth.

Tooth decay can be prevented by brushing and flossing regularly; however, if you have been diagnosed with tooth decay, it may be too late to avoid further damage to your teeth before extraction becomes necessary.

    • Impacted wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can cause problems. The last teeth to come through your mouth are the wisdom teeth, which can be difficult to extract because of their location.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually done under general anesthetic to reduce pain during tooth extraction and allow faster healing afterward.

    • Severely fractured teeth

If your tooth is severely fractured, it’s likely to be in pain and cause other problems. In this case, it might be best to have the tooth removed before the infection spreads or causes more damage.

    • Crowded teeth

You have crowded or overgrown teeth that are causing discomfort, decay, jaw damage, or preventing you from having a good bite or bite relationship with your dentist. In some cases, teeth may need to be removed before getting braces or undergoing another dental procedure.

    • Periodontal disease

This condition can lead to other problems, such as jaw problems, receding gums, and loss of teeth if not treated. The dentist in Clearwater may perform a tooth extraction as part of your periodontal treatment.

What are the Procedure and Risks of Tooth Extraction?

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Soni will examine your mouth and take X-rays to determine if an extraction is necessary.

Tooth extraction is usually a quick and easy procedure. Your dentist will numb the gums and soft tissues. Once you’re numb, the dentist will loosen the tooth from its socket. Then, they’ll use forceps to remove the tooth. You may feel some pressure during the extraction, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. The entire process usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Some risks are associated with tooth extraction but are generally very minor. The most common complication is bleeding, which can usually be controlled with pressure and gauze. You are also predisposed to infection, which can be treated with antibiotics. In rare cases, there may be nerve damage or damage to the surrounding teeth.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

After dental extraction in Clearwater, the extraction site may be sore and swollen, and your child may have trouble eating or sleeping. Your dentist will give you some aftercare instructions. They may prescribe antibiotics to help prevent infection. They’ll also tell you how to manage any bleeding or swelling. It’s important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure a quick and smooth recovery.

These dental issues will clear within a few days; if they don’t, visit a dental office in Clearwater for assistance.

Maintain a proper diet to support the teeth and gums and improve immunity. Please encourage them to eat soft foods that don’t require chewings, such as ice cream, yogurt, mashed potatoes, or applesauce.

It’s also important to make sure they stay hydrated. If they have trouble drinking liquids, you can use a straw or syringe to give them the necessary fluids.

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