When Should We Opt For Full Mouth Restorations?

When Should We Opt For Full Mouth Restorations?

Jun 01, 2022

There are people with dental problems that extend to all their teeth. The problems may vary per tooth and could range from decay to cracks. In some instances, infection, medical conditions, or accidents could cause severe tooth loss that may require a full-mouth restoration to replace. This article will discuss full mouth restorations, their benefits, and when to see a dentist in Clearwater for the procedure.

What Is a Full Mouth Restoration?

A full mouth restoration is a procedure that involves rebuilding or reconstructing every tooth in a patient’s mouth. Our dentist in 33756 will first inspect your mouth to ensure it’s the best restoration procedure for you. If they find it suited for your dental needs, we will perform it to ensure we provide you with a set of strong and functional teeth.

What Would Necessitate a Full Mouth Restoration?

Although a full-mouth restoration is rarely performed, some factors may necessitate the procedure be done for its cosmetic and restorative benefits. Examples of such factors include:

A Severe Tooth Infection

A tooth infection is dangerous if not treated early. Since the symptoms may be mild at first, some patients may delay treatment. With time, the infection will slowly spread to adjacent teeth and result in the whole mouth getting infected. Due to the damages that occur to the tooth’s pulp, teeth structures will weaken, and eventually, your teeth will start falling off on their own.

When you visit a dentist near you for treatment, they may recommend removing all the infected teeth and later replacing them with dental implants.

Accident or Injury

Even though you can take precautions to reduce the fatality of an accident, they may not be enough to prevent oral injuries. Unfortunately, when this happens, all your teeth can be injured to the point that your dentist might find it impossible to restore them without full-mouth restoration.

When you visit Dr. Ravi Soni for a complete mouth restoration procedure, they will put you under anesthesia to relieve you of dental pain before starting the treatment operation.

Medical Condition

Patients diagnosed with Ectodermal Dysplasia, Dentinogenesis Imperfecta, or Ameliogenesis may require extensive tooth restoration. In addition, if you have oral cancer, you may be required to get full-mouth restoration near you to mitigate its spread.

Visit a dental office in Clearwater for routine dental checkups to ensure medical conditions that may cause severe tooth loss are detected early.

Advantages of a Full Mouth Restoration

Enhance Your Smile

Although the main aim of a full-mouth restoration is to treat oral health problems, it can also be beneficial in correcting cosmetic issues. This is possible by restoring damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth, treating cosmetic issues related to periodontal diseases (e.g., gum recession and loss of jawbone tissue), and many more.

Makes Teeth More Functional

Patients with missing or severely damaged teeth may have difficulties chewing. This can cause them to avoid eating solid, healthy food, which may lead to nutritional deficiencies. While soft foods could provide the same nutritional benefits as solid food, patients are still at a disadvantage since they will miss the satisfaction that comes from chewing. By getting dental implants in Clearwater, you can restore your tooth’s functionality and go back to eating any food you like.

Treat Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontal diseases are a major cause of tooth loss. Advanced periodontal diseases may lead to periodontitis, resulting in gum recession, bone loss, and gum pockets. To treat this condition, some of your damaged teeth may need to be removed and then replaced with dental implants.

Improves the Appearance of  Your Teeth

Patients with overcrowded or crooked teeth may feel embarrassed to smile and even suffer from bite-related issues. This can lead them to develop low self-esteem, affecting their emotional and mental health. If your dentist finds your dental imperfections too severe, they might recommend full mouth restoration for the best cosmetic and restorative results.


A full mouth restoration may be the only option for patients with severe oral diseases and tooth loss that want to get beautiful smiles. If you have lost most of your teeth but still want to enjoy the benefits of having healthy and functional teeth, visit us at Soni Smiles General for the best full mouth restoration near you. We accept most insurance and offer discounts to ensure you get affordable, comprehensive dental care.

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