Waterpik vs Floss – Which is Better

Waterpik vs Floss – Which is Better

Aug 01, 2019

Flossing was introduced in 1962 and has been prevalent since then. It is one of the most efficient and convenient technique to get rid of any sticky material that you might have between your teeth.

Here Soni smiles is going to tell you about the benefits of water flossing. We recommend a Waterpik to all the people that have braces and wires in the mouth restructuring their tooth.

Here are the benefits of water flossing

It is easier for you to navigate around your mouse if you have the right orthodontic equipment. It will make your job of flossing little more easier than it already is. It is a new way of lasting so you will be interested in how it works and end up flossing your mouth even more effectively than you used to.

When you go for water flossing it gently losses your teeth. This reduces the chances of your gums bleeding. It is very beneficial for patients who have sensitive gums.

As mentioned earlier if you have braces or wires restoring their teeth, it becomes tough to floss your teeth effectively. Water flossing is gentle and helps you clean around the bridges implants and restoration.

Water massages your gums which is very beneficial for the health of your gums.

With a waterpik, you can reach the back of your teeth better than you used to reach it with the string floss.

These were the benefits of using a Waterpik. If you still feel that you want to stick to string floss, it is totally up to you. As there are a lot of benefits of string floss as well. You can take your string floss anywhere whereas water floss requires a battery, maintenance, and refilling.

When it comes to the price, the water floss is quite expensive than string floss. So you can buy it without thinking about it twice.

Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss them at least once a day in order to to keep your oral health intact. Visit Soni smiles for more information on the same.

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