TOOTH EXTRACTION: What are the Home Remedies for Tooth Extraction Pain Relief?

TOOTH EXTRACTION: What are the Home Remedies for Tooth Extraction Pain Relief?

Mar 01, 2021

Tooth extraction involves pulling the tooth. A dentist or oral surgeon does this. The process consists of using an instrument called an elevator to loosen the tooth and forceps for removal. The dentist first applies anesthesia to the tooth and its surrounding area. This is meant to numb the tooth and prevent pain in the removal process. Surgical means of removal is applied for a tooth that is hard to pull.

There are several reasons why a person would need their tooth to be extracted. They include infection caused by decay or damage to the pulp, overcrowding of the mouth, significantly when a person’s wisdom teeth are growing. In such a case, the wisdom teeth need to be removed to prevent problems in the teeth.

Healing Stages

After extraction, it takes a couple of days or weeks for the healing to be completed.

  1. Stage One. This is the first 24 hours of extraction. After the extraction, a blood clot forms in the area where the tooth is removed. As a result, the dentist will give you a gauze piece to bite down on to limit the bleeding. This should last between 8 – 12 hours. Call the attention of your doctor if the bleeding exceeds this time.
  2. Stage Two. This involves the first 48 hours after the extraction. It is where the healing takes place the most and is crucial to the recovery of the extraction site. At this stage, the bleeding, soreness, and swelling reduce.
  3. Stage Three. At this stage, three days after the extraction, there is no more pain, bleeding, or discomfort. However, the extraction site would still be tender. Gently rinse the mouth with saline solution to avoid bacterial infection.
  4. Stage Four. This is one to two weeks after extraction. Here the blood cloth must have fully formed and the socket wholly healed. However, the tissue would still be tender; therefore, care must be taken to avoid rupturing it.
  5. Stage Five. The three weeks plus stage, where the healing is complete. The fully formed socket still needs to be cared for by brushing and flossing to remove food particles.

Aftercare Instructions for the Tooth

During the healing period, care must be taken to ensure that the extraction area is kept clean to prevent infection.

Here are some things to do:

  1. Apply an icepack or cold compress to reduce swelling
  2. Keep your gauze in place for a few hours on the first day. After that, change it regularly.
  3. Keep the extraction site clean by brushing but avoid the extraction site.
  4. Take your medication as prescribed by your dentist.
  5. Drink/eat only cold liquids/soft food

Here are some things to avoid;

  1. Rinsing of the mouth, spitting, smoking, or using a straw for drinking a few days after the extraction. This would lead to the washing off of the blood clot formed at the extraction point, hence hindering the healing process of the socket and causing severe pain. This condition is called a dry socket.
  2. Sleeping on your side. You risk swelling.
  3. Physical activity such as exercise and excessive talking.
  4. Hot liquids and strong food.

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