The Tooth Decay Process: How to Reverse It and Avoid a Cavity

The Tooth Decay Process: How to Reverse It and Avoid a Cavity

Mar 06, 2019

A cavity is a hole that is formed in the tooth, which many people around the world are aware of. However, are you aware that cavities are due to tooth decay that has gone untreated for a length of time? Did you also know that you can reverse tooth decay and avoid cavities?

Our mouth is filled with different kinds of bacteria that live on the surfaces of our teeth, gums, and every other part of the mouth. Some of these are helpful, but others are harmful to health. These are the ones that play a pivotal role in the decay process. Tooth decay is essentially an infection that is caused by bacteria when it reacts to sugars in food and drinks.

Throughout the day, your teeth are constantly battling against the effects of decay and fighting off plaque. Plaque is a colorless substance that coats teeth and eats away at their enamel. Whenever sugars or starches are consumed, the bacteria inside your mouth uses it to produce harmful acids and plaque.

How does a cavity develop?

Plaque is formed when your saliva and other acids in the mouth react to foods and beverages that contain starches and sugars. When these substances are not cleaned from the mouth, they begin to react with the acids in the mouth and form plaque. Plaque sticks onto the exposed surfaces of teeth and make small holes in the enamel. These holes are known as cavities, and if they are left untreated it can lead to serious dental issues.

Can you reverse tooth decay?

A lot of individuals may think the answer is no, but that is incorrect. If decay is caught early enough, fluoride can be used to replace minerals that are missing in teeth and reduce the acid in your mouth. Brushing regularly can also decrease decay as well as flossing.

Talk to a dentist about sealants that can help protect your children’s teeth from decay as well as cavities. At Soni Smiles, we believe you can keep decay from damaging your teeth with proper treatment and preventative measures.

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