Replace Your Missing Teeth With Implant Retained Dentures

Replace Your Missing Teeth With Implant Retained Dentures

Nov 01, 2019

Several complications can arise and impact your physical and emotional health when you have lost all your natural teeth. You will also have lost the ability to smile graciously. It will be difficult for you to chew your favorite foods or speak clearly. You may also be embarrassed and attempt to hide your smile from others. Your remaining teeth will begin shifting causing additional discomfort in your mouth and jaw giving you headaches and muscular issues. The appearance of your smile can be restored by dentures but they can be challenging for some people. Implant retained dentures can be a suitable replacement for both the upper and lower teeth to give you a secure and natural-looking solution that provides relief and comfort. They are also more comfortable and convenient than traditional dentures. You should be contacting a dentist to have implant-retained dentures in Clearwater who can provide you different options according to your needs.

Implant Retained Dentures Are Suitable If You Have Lost all Your Lower Teeth

If all your lower teeth are missing you can consider a locator attached denture. This is a ball attached denture as an implant retained solution to replace your lower teeth. This variety utilizes just two dental implants to anchor the denture. An entire set of lower dentures snaps into these anchor points to give you teeth that allow natural functionality because they shift less than the traditional variety. You will experience some soreness and shifting and therefore it is important to trust a team of dental specialists from Clearwater to fit your dentures and give you any adjustments needed over time. Keeping your dentures clean is also important especially from debris such as crumbs and seeds because they can be discomforting.

Bar Attached Denture

Two or six implants in your lower jaw will be utilized by a bar-retained denture to firmly anchor an entire set of dentures in place. A custom-tailored support bar is fixed to the dental implants for snapping the teeth into place by using special retention clips. This variety is popular as an over-denture and holds the teeth securely without permitting the set to shift or move when speaking or eating. However, the denture can be removed for cleaning.

Screw Denture

If you want permanent teeth replacement options for the entire set of lower dentures you should be considering screw-retained dentures. This type of denture which is supported by implants utilizes four or more implants from your lower jaw. The anchors can be affixed with the entire set of dentures with screws making them exceptionally secure. These may not be removed for cleaning everyday. You will have the option of cleaning around and under the teeth along with your guns. This cleaning is considered challenging by many people but as a permanent solution, it provides a long-lasting experience. Your dentist in Clearwater can remove this denture for maintaining its quality and fit during your regular visits for maintenance and cleanings.

What Happens If You Are Missing On Your Upper Teeth

There is a difference in the bones in the upper jaw and the lower jaw but people needing an entire set of dentures for the upper jaw can still select from a variety of options. They can be provided with locking dentures that can eliminate the need for the appliance to extend across and cover the roof of your mouth. These can provide you with a natural experience when you are eating or speaking. Dentures in the upper jaw retained by implants are unlikely to shift as it is the case with lower dentures. However, they can still be removed for cleaning and maintenance. You just need to ensure you get a custom fit from the dentist offering implant-retained dentures in Clearwater.

Finding suitable replacements for your teeth is no longer a difficult task with the advances made in dentistry. You can even replace a single tooth that you may have lost due to any reason. At the same time, replacing all your teeth in the upper or the lower jaw is also possible with implant retained dentures of different types that can allow you the freedom to eat, speak, and smile as you always did with your natural teeth. You just need to contact your dentist for advice to have these dentures placed in your mouth.

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