Oral Cancer Screening – Explained

Oral Cancer Screening – Explained

Mar 16, 2019

Soni Smiles believes every dental patients needs to be informed about oral cancer and its effects on the body. Patients will receive an oral cancer screening when biannual examinations are done, giving them advanced warning if problems are detected. If you do not know about oral cancer, here is some basic information. You can speak with a Soni Smiles professional for more information about oral cancer and how it is prevented, detected, and treated.


An exam from your local dentist will be given to check your teeth as well as look for signs of oral cancer. The reason this is done is to detect abnormalities and increase the chance of curing the disease if it is found. Additional tests may be conducted by your dentist to determine the severity as well as to identify abnormal cells.

Why it’s done

Cancer is more likely to be cured if it is detected in its early stage. By conducting oral cancer screenings, patients can be informed of abnormalities and seek treatment before cancer has become advanced. Individuals that have a higher risk of developing oral cancer should get screenings done regularly. The factors that increase developing oral cancer may include:

  • Use of tobacco
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Past oral cancer encounters
  • History of sun exposure


Oral cancer cannot tell the difference between benign sores and cancerous sores, so you may need more testing to determine your diagnosis. It also does not detect all kinds of mouth cancer, making it possible for small lesions in the mouth to be overlooked or undetected. Oral cancer screenings have not been shown to improve the likelihood of surviving oral cancer, but it is important to get exams and screenings.

How you prepare depends on you. If you face anxiety visiting the dentist, then prepare by relaxing. Otherwise, no instructions are needed.

What you can expect

Your dentist will look inside the mouth for irregular patches and sores. The tissues will be checked for abnormalities like lumps. Dental equipment will be examined and possibly removed for a thorough examination of the mouth.

Oral cancer is kept under watch by your dentist to decrease the chance of it going undetected. Visit your Soni Smile dentist regularly and stay in control of your health.

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