General Dentistry Providing Invaluable Services to Everyone in the Country

General Dentistry Providing Invaluable Services to Everyone in the Country

Dec 01, 2020

Dental professionals working in general dentistry provide services related to the general upkeep of dental health and hygiene. Most of the dentists practicing in the United States are general dentists. They are the primary oral healthcare providers for people of all ages.

General dentists do not specialize in a single area of dentistry and are trained to manage various dental procedures. They are similar to family physicians who can look after the general health of the entire household. Professionals in general dental care often address the dental health needs of the whole household handling the needs of infants and the elderly.

What are the services provided by general dentists? Soni smiles from Clearwater, FL, offers many services as listed below.

Preventive Dental Care

Most services provided by general dentists are preventive in nature. They have your long-term dental health and that of your family in mind and take pains to educate patients on caring for their teeth and gums at home. The information they exchange includes maintaining proper dental hygiene and having adequate nutrition. The dentists encourage patients to have regular six-monthly exams and checkups, which allows them to monitor their oral health closely. The exams are incredibly essential because it enables the dentist to remove plaque buildup to prevent severe problems needing extensive treatments.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Everyone’s overall health is linked to their oral health. For instance, periodontal disease is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, preterm birth, and heart disease. A general dentist can evaluate, diagnose, and treat various problems falling into the categories of tooth decay and gum disease. The services they provide range from filling a cavity to performing root canal therapy when the infection has affected and inflamed the pulp within the tooth. In such cases performing a root canal is the sole method to remove the infected pulp and preserve the natural tooth.

Cosmetic Dental Services

General dentists also double up as a cosmetic and general dentist. These professionals are aware that your oral health is of great significance and believe how people look and feel confident about themselves also have a significant role in their lives. You may be satisfied by having a cavity filled, or any other infection treated successfully. However, you may not be happy about how your teeth look when you smile. Your self-image takes a beating when you have crooked, misaligned, or discolored teeth. These dental professionals use one or more of many procedures to enhance the shape and color of your teeth to give you a radiant smile.

You can have teeth whitening treatments if your teeth are discolored because of staining from coffee, tea, nicotine, or red wine.

If you want to change the shape and length of an existing tooth, the dentist can provide veneers custom-made for your teeth from porcelain or composite resin. If you do not have the time to schedule multiple appointments, you can opt for dental bonding, which is also an appropriate method to enhance the appearance of your teeth. If you have broken or weakened teeth because of injuries or deep decay, you can consider dental crowns provided by a general dentist. The crowns encase the entire tooth to restore its appearance and functionality.

Partial or Full Dentures

Are you one of the unfortunate few having lost one or several teeth in your mouth? Rest assured your general dentist has a solution for your problem and can fit you with partial or full dentures closely resembling your natural teeth and gums. The dentures will restore your ability to smile, eat, and speak correctly and prevent shifting of the remaining teeth out of position.

General dentists provide many invaluable services not only to meet but exceed your needs. Think about a general dentist as a dental home for your family because visiting one will not require you to schedule multiple appointments for different members of your household. The dental professional provides excellent patient care to give you beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

As general dentists do not specialize in any particular field but provide a wide array of services, they can also result in savings for you. Their charges are lower than the specialists who may demand higher prices for the treatments they offer, which you will notice are similar to the remedies provided by general dentists. However, if you have a complicated issue affecting you, the general dentist will refer you to a specialist who is better equipped to manage the situation.

We care about your smile and it's looks. We are located just a little away from you and providing general, family & cosmetic dentistry appointments surrounding the area of Clearwater:

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