Drawbacks of Traditional Implant Surgery Overcome by Guided Implants

Drawbacks of Traditional Implant Surgery Overcome by Guided Implants

Jul 01, 2021

Dental implant surgery is the procedure to replace missing or severely decayed teeth. The process replaces the tooth along with its roots with a stable titanium post called an implant. A tooth-like crown then covers the implant.

Dental implant surgery is time-consuming and invasive. Sometimes the patient’s tooth needs removal along with the tooth roots from under the gum line. Bone grafts are also required if the patient has an insufficient bone density in the jaw. The procedure requires several months of healing time, and the crown is not placed until the gums and jawbone up correctly healed.

Dental Implant Surgery Drawbacks

There are significant drawbacks to dental implant surgery even though they provide patients with a permanent artificial tooth to improve their quality of life significantly.

The most significant drawback of traditional dental implant surgery is the time required to manufacture, fit, and insert the implants. The patient is required to visit the dentist’s office multiple times, making it inconvenient. Before the surgery, the patient has several meetings with the dentist for various evaluations.

Multiple follow-up appointments are necessary to check the condition of the implants after insertion to determine whether the patient feels any discomfort.

Another drawback of traditional implant surgery is the placement and size, shape, and appearance of the resulting dental implant and tooth crown are not always precise. Dentists relying on traditional dental imaging methods and impressions cannot entirely assess how the teeth will appear in the patient’s mouth and where the most suitable positioning should be.

The third drawback to the traditional project is the discomfort following the insertion. The chances of infection and ill-fitting implants exist because of the positioning, size, shape, and feel of the resulting implants being less than ideal. This drawback leads to irritation, pain, and discomfort in the patient.

What Are Guided Implants?

During supervised implant surgery, the dentist in Clearwater employs advanced imaging technology to help them fabricate and place implants efficiently, definitely, and accurately. As a result, guided implant surgery is quicker, resulting in the patient getting their new teeth after a single visit to the dentist’s office.

The new and enhanced dental implant surgery allows dentist 337562 have an entire picture of the patient’s mouth to produce the most suitable dental implants quickly. Steps that earlier required multiple visits to the dentist’s office enable the Clearwater dentist to complete them on the same day and conclude with the surgery. The patient can have new teeth with a new smile in one day with this dentist.

What Enables Faster Insertion of Dental Implants with Guided Implant Surgery?

Computer-guided dental implant surgery uses technology including 3D imaging, CT scans, CAD, CAM computer imaging, and digital x-rays. First, Dr. Ravi Soni takes a CT scan of the patient to develop a personalized treatment plan explicitly for the patient. After that, the dentist uses advanced computer technology during implant placement.

3D imaging technology and CAD digital design software help fabricate models of the dental crown for placement on the implant. Next, the dental laboratory receives the images and digitally designs the restorations with CAM software to enable the dentist to place the new crowns on the implants. Eventually, digital x-rays are taken to ensure proper placement and dimensions of the dental implants and crowns.

Guided implant surgery aided by computers is one of the many advances in dentistry, making it a more effective and enjoyable patient experience.

If you have lost your teeth and are considering dental implants, it helps to discuss with your dentist whether they provide guided implant surgery. It helps to have your replacement teeth faster without the inconvenience of visiting the dentist’s office multiple times or the discomfort typically associated with traditional implant surgery. In addition, you encounter several challenges after losing your natural teeth. Innovations in dentistry now make available solutions to overcome the challenges in one day instead of waiting six to nine months for traditional implants to heal before you can have your natural-looking artificial tooth.

Please do not believe the myths about guided implant surgery spread by many because they are merely trying to keep their individual confusions under the wraps within the dental surgical community. If you want to have natural-looking artificial teeth to replace your missing teeth in one day, you must seek guided implants from the dentist in Clearwater to overcome all challenges you currently face.

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