Dental Crowns – Explained!

Dental Crowns – Explained!

Jun 16, 2019

Do you know what gives your artificial teeth the feeling of an original one? A dental crown is the answer, which provides you the right shape for your teeth and works just like the natural teeth. Now you must be thinking that what is a Dental crown?

In a simple word, a dental crown is an artificial body which looks like an original tooth. A dental crown helps you to get your smile back, which you lost because of some oral problem. Dental crown not only restores shape but also provides a similar strength which is provided by natural teeth.

In which situation, do you need a dental crown?

Dental crowns solve lots of problems. This is the same reason why mostly dentists prefer dental crowns.

  • If your teeth get cracked or chipped, then it helps to restore them
  • During the time of dental implant, this is one of the main components
  • During the time of cavity, teeth are not left because of the bacteria
  • Works like a support system for a dental bridge
  • Teeth coloring can also be the reason for the same

What are the different types of crowns available in the market?

There are lots of elements used while making the crown such as

Stainless steel: This type of crown is used for a temporary purpose. Mostly, it can be seen in children’s teeth unless and until new teeth come along. This helps them to protect their teeth from decay.

Metal: There is a different kind of metal used for making the crown. They make sure that the metallic material does not react with food and other substances because if it is reacting, it will affect your oral health overall. Mostly the metals used are- gold, silver, titanium and so on.

Ceramic or porcelains: If you have allergies with metal then the dentist makes the crown with the help of ceramic or porcelain. The natural color of teeth is taken, and then it is made as per your normal teeth.

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