Dental Bridges Vs. Implants: Which One is the Best for You?

Dental Bridges Vs. Implants: Which One is the Best for You?

Sep 07, 2021

Teeth loss is a common problem, affecting about 69 percent of adults who lose one tooth by age 44. When you lose your adult teeth, you must replace them to preserve your dental structure.

Missing teeth is a dental challenge because it can affect the alignment of the teeth. This is because the surrounding teeth can shift to occupy the gaps. Furthermore, the supporting bone will begin to deteriorate, which weakens the structure.

Replacing your teeth preserves not only the bone but also maintains your facial shape. Fortunately, implants and dental bridges near you can help replace the teeth.

Dental bridges are false teeth that ‘bridge’ the gaps. They come in different types that include traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bridges.
Dental implants, on the other, hand are metal posts surgically fixed on the jaw bone.

These replacement treatments are effective, but they differ in a few ways. Several factors can help you choose the right option, and these include:

1. Bone Density

Bone density is most affected when you lose your teeth. Not replacing the teeth will cause the alveolar bone to get reabsorbed by the body. This will cause the teeth to weaken and change alignment. Before a dentist in Clearwater recommends dental implants, he will assess your bone density. If you lack sufficient bone support, the implant will not hold up. A bone graft may be done to stimulate the new bone.

While bone density may not be required for dental bridges, sufficient tooth structure is needed. Otherwise, the dentist may use fillings to hold the bridges in place.

2. Existing health conditions

Dental implants are part of oral surgical procedures. This means you need to have healthy teeth, gums, and overall wellness. Certain conditions can interfere with the healing process, like diabetes.

Also, if you smoke or have other practices that may affect your gums, dental implants may not be an ideal solution. In such cases, our dentist in 33756 will recommend dental bridges as they are non-invasive.

3. Number of teeth missing

If you are missing one or more consecutive teeth in any location, for example, the front teeth, the dental bridges for front teeth may be ideal. With implants, you will need a separate post for each tooth, which can be time-consuming and costly.

4. Time of completion

The procedure of getting the implants and bridges differ.

  • Dental bridges

The bridges need two dental visits that are done in a couple of weeks. Dr. Ravi Soni will first examine your dental structure and health. He will take you through the procedure and show you the dental bridges for front teeth before and after.

Next, he will reshape the teeth to make space for bridges and take a mold or impression of the teeth. This cast is used to make the bridges. On the second dental visit, the dentist will use a block of dental cement to hold the teeth and harden them with laser light.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants require a complex procedure lasting for a couple of months. If you lack sufficient bone density, the dentist will recommend a bone graft to promote bone density. The implants are surgically fixed on the jaw bone and left to heal. The implant and bone will fuse to offer strong support. After the osseointegration process, the abutment is fixed to connect the implant and crown. The final step involves fixing the crowns.

5. Durability and lifespan

Dental bridges are not as durable as implants. These false teeth can last for about 15 years with proper care. The implants are titanium screws, meaning they are long-lasting and do not wear out, although the crowns may need to be replaced at some point.

6. Care and potential problems

Dental bridges and implants do not need any special instructions. However, you need to take for the bridges to prevent decay. It is recommended to get fluoride treatments to prevent decay and cavities of the teeth underneath. Also, the dental bridges may crack and get damage, require a replacement.

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