Celebrating Mother’s Day with Teeth Whitening & Cleaning

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Teeth Whitening & Cleaning

May 08, 2020

At Sone Smiles, we constantly encourage our patients to consider regular teeth whitening and cleaning. The two, feature as crucial parts of proper oral health. If you have never considered the two, there is never a better time to do so than now. This Mother’s Day should help you celebrate good health all around. Whether you are celebrating yourself or a mother figure in your life, there is a reason why ​Dr. Ravi Soni is excited about offering these services to you this Mother’s Day.

More about Teeth Whitening and Teeth Cleaning

Teeth whitening and cleaning are dental procedures practiced very often in the world of dentistry. They are not only performed on first-time patients but also to repeat patients. These are some of those services that do not require you to have a problem like a toothache. If anything, they are precautionary measures that help you maintain good oral health.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It is the art of bleaching the enamel of teeth to make them brighter and whiter than they are. This is done solely as a cosmetic procedure. Patients who seek this service are usually looking for a cosmetic solution for how their teeth look. Most have different reasons for seeking teeth whitening, including the following:

  • Tooth decay – a decayed tooth will start rotting and tarnishing in color. This is evident as soon as a cavity begins to form on the affected tooth.
  • Poor oral hygiene – this encourages food residues and bacteria to hide in your oral cavity, which can discolor your teeth.
  • Foods and drinks – some foods and drinks are heavily pigmented. The pigmentation becomes the basis for teeth discoloration, where the color settles on surfaces of teeth and stains them.
  • Enamel erosion – this happens as a consequence of acidic foods corroding the teeth. This causes the enamel structure to wear out, exposing the dentin that is beneath it. Since the dentin is duller in color, the teeth look less bright than they were. The thinning of your enamel can also be caused by aging.
  • Medication – some medicines affect your bone tissue as well as your teeth structure. Discoloration from medication will start to manifest when you go about using the prescribed medicine for a while.
  • Medical condition – some health conditions are not damaging to the body only, but also to the teeth.

What is ​Tooth Cleaning?

It the process of deep cleaning the oral cavity professionally. It involves working on the surfaces of teeth as well as in between them. Professional teeth cleaning does a better job in the hygiene of your mouth than any toothbrush and toothpaste. Technically, your dentist or dental hygienist will use a special electric toothbrush and toothpaste to get the job done.

Professional deep cleaning is highly encouraged at different intervals annually. This ensures that you maintain good oral hygiene for the sake of your dental health. In most cases, tooth cleaning is done as a preventive measure, usually during regular dental checkups. They are also done in the course of teeth whitening procedures.

One of the primary advantages of teeth cleaning is for plaque removal. Plaque features a sticky yellowish substance that forms on the surfaces of teeth as well as in between them. It is a consequence of poor oral hygiene where you do not regularly brush and floss your teeth. Therefore, food residues, saliva, mouth bacteria, and acids combine. These comprise plaque.

At first, it may not seem like plaque hurts your teeth. However, in time, some of the consequences of plaque include:

  • Development of tartar – it results from the advancement of plaque. Tartar can only be removed by a dentist through scaling, alongside other dental treatments.
  • Bad breath – the build-up of old food residues in your mouth along with saliva and bacteria will have a foul smell.
  • Gum disease – the gum tissue gets infected by the harmful bacteria caused by the plaque. This can lead to other severe consequences like excessive bleeding, wobbly teeth, Receded gums, to mention a few.

Discolored teeth

Tooth cavities and dental decay – the bacteria begin to eat into the enamel of your teeth, causing dental cavities and tooth decay.

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