A Closer Look at Teeth Whitening Procedures

A Closer Look at Teeth Whitening Procedures

Sep 01, 2020

Your smile can be less vibrant due to stained or discolored teeth resulted from smoking and dietary habits. Routine flossing and cleaning can’t leave your teeth sparkling, and you require a professional whitening procedure.

The procedure removes stains and discoloration to achieve optimal smile results. It’s highly effective since it utilizes recommended whitening components. Your dentist uses the technique since it’s safe and efficient in rendering the desired and brightened smile.

What Happens During Your Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Professional whitening involves the use of bleaching solutions to lightening your tooth shade. It applies to your stained or discolored teeth and ensures your enamel’s intrinsic and extrinsic color is transformed. You’ll need a few appointments to achieve desired results through whitening.

During your initial appointment, your specialist takes impressions on your dental and customizes a mouth guard used to hold the bleaching gel solution. You can undergo a home-based therapy, with instructions on applying the gel, and for what duration. It would be best to follow all instructions to ensure you find ideal results.

With Laser whitening, the bleaching solution is applied to your teeth using radiation, which activates the whitening process, and it takes about an hour to change your outlook. Your dentist determines the suitable dental whitening option for your teeth based on the severity of the stains.

Why You Are an Ideal Candidate for a Whitening Procedure

There are various reasons why you need your teeth whitened. The cosmetic procedure ensures your teeth’ aesthetic value is restored. As your age advances, your vibrant smile fades away due to your teeth’ discoloration and formation of micro-cracks on your tooth enamel. Your teeth may also discolor due to:

  • Stains from food and drinks or smoking
  • The formation of tartar resulted from the deposition of food particles.
  • Certain medication

Our dentist in Clearwater, FL, uses whitening options that transform your smile by providing you with brightened teeth. However, you may experience teeth sensitivity after the procedure, which diminishes with time.

Gingival irritation may occur once the whitening products contact your gums, but it fades away after some time. Whitening treatments may not be ideal for you if you have active cavities, hypersensitivity, or other dental work in progress.

Common Whitening Options That are Ideal for Your Dental

There are various options used to restore your smile through whitening, and they include:

  • Home-based therapy that involves the use of custom-made trays where your dentist gives you instructions on how to apply the bleaching solution using the trays
  • Use of stain removal toothpaste to eliminate stains that contain mild abrasives. They have an additional polishing agent to remove stains on your teeth surfaces.
  • In-office bleaching that uses a rubber shield or a protective gel to seal your gum tissues and protect them from bleaching agents. Bleaching of your teeth is done for a short duration, and the gum rubber shield is removed.

OTC bleaching solutions can be used, and you need to consult your specialist for the recommended options before undertaking the treatment.

Taking Care of Your Whitened Teeth

To maintain your whitening results, you’ll need to change your drinking, eating, and oral care lifestyle. Below are vital precautions you’ll need to consider:

  • Avoid smoking tobacco
  • Minimize the intake of beverages like coffee and tea that lead to the formation of stains
  • Rinse and brush your teeth after meals to avoid deposition of discoloring agents on your teeth surfaces
  • Undergo dental cleaning and flossing to prevent plaque

Following all dentistry-approved measures will ensure that your whitening effects serve you for long. Ensure the whitening options you use are recommended by your dentist and seek immediate medical attention if you are faced with complications.

Teeth Whitening in Soni Smiles, FL

Our family dentistry in Clearwater, FL, provides you with exceptional oral health care options. We perform professional dental whitening procedures to remove stains and brighten your teeth using whitening gel, stripes, and recommended solutions during therapy.

We utilize state-of-art technology to provide you with an effective and efficient whitening procedure. Our specialists examine your teeth and offer numerous treatment options to give you the desired results.

Dr Ravi Soni, DMD, helps you rediscover some of the actual whitening myths during your appointment and recommend that you undertake whitening treatment if your teeth have no dental caries. Please make an appointment with us today, and we’ll provide you with an ideal whitening approach. We offer several options to ensure you get an appealing smile.

We care about your smile and it's looks. We are located just a little away from you and providing general, family & cosmetic dentistry appointments surrounding the area of Clearwater: