3 Dental Bonding Facts You Need to Know

3 Dental Bonding Facts You Need to Know

Jan 01, 2021

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry option that treats most teeth imperfections. We use it to ensure patients with these imperfections have a perfect smile. It is an effective treatment option that will restore your smile and give you the confidence you need. You can talk to your dentist about dental bonding near you if you need a healthy smile.

This procedure involves the application of a teeth-resembling resin material on your teeth. We use a special light to harden the resin and bond it to your natural teeth. The resin will cover your teeth discoloration or chipping. You can talk to Dr. Ravi Soni if you need dental bonding to fix your teeth.

This article has what you need to know about this cosmetic dentistry option. You will know what to expect when going in for this procedure. The right information will go a long way in ensuring you achieve your dream smile. Read on and get the right information on dental bonding.

1. What This Procedure Can Fix

Dental bonding can fix a wide range of teeth imperfections. The procedure will not only give you a healthy smile but also improve your dental health. Here are some of the teeth imperfections this procedure can treat.

Dental Bonding for Gaps

Gaps between teeth can deny you a healthy smile. They can also cause other serious dental issues as food can easily get stuck in them. Fixing dental gaps will ensure you have a healthy smile and optimal dental health. Our dentist can fill your gaps through dental bonding when you visit our clinic.

Dental Bonding for Discolored Teeth

Teeth discoloration is a common problem that affects many people. There are several ways of fixing this dental issue. Teeth whitening, for instance, involves the use of bleaching agents to whiten your teeth. However, this procedure is not always effective in all patients. Dental bonding has proven effective when it comes to fixing discolored teeth.

Dental Bonding for Small Teeth

Having one or several small teeth in your mouth will affect your smile. You won’t be confident enough to talk or smile in public. This cosmetic dentistry procedure will help make your shorter teeth longer. The dentist will achieve this by applying resin to the chewing surface of your teeth. You will have your healthy smile back after our dentists bonds your teeth.

2. The Dental Bonding Procedure

The dental bonding procedure takes around 35 to 60 minutes per tooth. The procedure involves two steps; preparation and bonding.


When compared to other dental procedures, this one doesn’t involve much preparation. Anesthesia is not necessary unless the procedure is for filling a decayed tooth. If for aesthetics purposes, our dentist will pick a resin composite color that matches your teeth. The dentist uses a shade guide to find the matching color.

The Bonding Process

The dentist will start by roughening up your tooth’s surface and applying a conditioning liquid. These will help the resin stick to your tooth. The next step involves applying the resin and molding it to fit your tooth. Our dentist will then shape, trim and polish the resin so that it resembles your teeth. Visit our dentist in Clearwater, FL for dental bonding, and improve your smile.

3. How Long Does Dental Bonding Last

Several factors affect the lifespan of dental bonding. How you take care of your teeth will determine how long this treatment option will last. Your oral habits will also affect the lifespan of this cosmetic dentistry treatment option. If you have bad oral habits like teeth grinding your bonded teeth won’t last long. This is because bonded teeth are weaker than natural teeth.

Smoking, drinking, and taking staining drinks and foods like red wine will stain your bonded teeth. You will need another procedure within a short time if you stain your teeth. If taken good care of, bonded teeth should last up to a decade. To ensure you keep your bonded teeth in good condition practice good oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis and visit us at Soni Smiles on a regular basis for a checkup.

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